The World According to Wood and Prent

And Our Faithful Minions

Our Writers

We here at Wood and Prent are always trying to find new ways to reach new readers. That’s why we have expanded from the two of us and will continue to look for new writers to deliver more diverse content from a wider range of perspectives. As our President and CEO, I am ecstatic with where we are heading. We have a real chance to be a Barstool meets Buzzfeed meets whatever magazine the parents are reading these days. Here is how we stack up right now:


Prent is the co-founder, CEO, and President of Wood and Prent. He has been responsible for most of our content thus far and will continue to have a big role in all content created on this site


Wood is the other co-founder, COO and Vice President of Wood and Prent. He has contributed minimal writing content but has very much contributed to the direction we are heading, as well as most of the site construction.

Momma Prent

This is a bold move on our end, but one that we think will pay dividends. Momma Prent is kind of a wild card. She will serve as an interesting voice of mothers and women in the 35+ age bracket which Wood and Prent would never reach without her. We are looking forward to Momma Prent’s insights

Tytan Kelley

HUGE addition to the Wood and Prent staff. Controversial, witty, and unapologetic, Tytan is going to be an invaluable asset for us. He loves LeBron (gross) hates the Patriots, and isn’t afraid to take the opposing side of any argument. His willingness to be a devil’s advocate of sorts will be awesome for us, and I am SO happy to have him aboard.

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