So, there’s a black guy facing a white guy in a boxing match so there was no way we could avoid the race card, right? Absolutely not. Members of the media are acting as though they thought that Conor McGregor was anything less than a loud-mouthed Irishman and that Floyd Mayweather was anything less than a loud-mouthed, cocky mothereffer. Uhhh newsflash folks: They are who we thought they were.

“Their promotional tour sunk to new depths of racism, homophobia and misogyny” Writes The Undefeated’s Mike Wise.

I legitimately don’t think that Conor intended to be racist. And to be clear, he is being called a racist because he called Mayweather “boy” which Conor would do to literally anyone that he fought. He’s being called racist because he said Floyd can’t read. Well that’s not a new theory. It’s well documented that a great deal of people think that Floyd can’t read. That’s not an outlandish thing to say. And finally he’s being called racist because he said that he can’t be racist because he’s “half black. From the belly button down.” Now that is just hilarious. In fact that’s giving a compliment. That’s like the opposite of racism.

Floyd is being called homophobic because he called Conor a faggot. This might blow people’s minds, but in most circles when that word is used, actual gay people are not even considered. It’s kind of like when people call something retarded. It’s not meant with any offense to actual retarded people.

Now I want to be CRYSTAL clear when I say this: I am not saying that this is acceptable behavior. I’m not saying that the words they used are ok. But I’m just asking you to consider the source. For the most part these guys are uneducated, brash individuals that more than likely don’t consider their word choices all to carefully because they aren’t equipped to understand the ramifications.

With that being said, I want to reiterate that I’m not defending these guys one bit, I’m just saying that this country is so quick to label everything racist or homophobic or xenophobic or whaterthefuckelsephobic at the drop of a hat and it’s hurting our ability to stop real racism or homophobia or xenophobia or whateverthefuckelsephobia.

Racism exists and it’s a real problem the likes of which I can’t even begin to imagine. Same with homophobia. And xenophobia. All I’m saying is that not everything is.