(Via Pro Football Talk)With less than two months to go until Commissioner Roger Goodell tries to mend some fences in Boston with his appearance at the regular-season opener, at least one person in Boston may want to try to mend some fences with Goodell.

Per a league source, the Commissioner continues to be miffed about Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia’s decision to wear the Barstool Sports Goodell-with-a-clown-nose T-shirt while disembarking from the plane that brought the team back from Super Bowl LI. The question of whether Goodell should or shouldn’t still be upset isn’t relevant; he is. And the broader question will be whether teams looking for head coaches will take a dimmer view of Patricia because of it.

This is so Roger Goodell it hurts. “I can’t believe this big, mean Patriots are still making fun of me because I suck at my job and tried to railroad the GOAT and they won the Super Bowl anyways. How dare they?!” Hey Rog, I got two words for ya: SUCK IT.

Your “miffed” that Matt Patricia wore a shirt that had your face with a clown nose? Well bud, maybe you shouldn’t have acted like a clown! Or, maybe you shouldn’t have started a witch hunt over something that didn’t even happen! Or maybe, just maybe you should try and handle a situation, literally any situation, correctly for a change.

New England owns so much real estate inside of Goodell’s head that it’s ridiculous. Dude hasn’t shown his face in New England since the Cold War, sends extra cops to his house in Maine, and now is rattled about Matt Patricia’s shirt choice. There is only ONE WORD to describe you Roger: