What a day today is ladies and gentleman. What a freakin’ day. It’s like Christmas, except exponentially better. It’s bar none, the best day of the year. Of course I am referring to two things: Opening Day and The Show of Shows, Wrestlemania.

Opening Day is awesome for so many reasons. First of all, it means that there will be baseball just about every day for the next 6 months. Money. It also means that Spring is officially here. Forget what the calendar says, baseball season marks springtime. It also brings so many possibilities. Will the Red Sox win the Workd Series? Will Mookie win MVP? Will “Mitchy Fourbags” Mitch Moreland hit 40 dingers? Will Chris Sale ever lose a game? Will Pablo Sandoval stay away from the buffet station and actually contribute? So many questions, zero answers so far.

Wrestlemania is also top notch. Judge me if you want, but the entertainment I get from watching The Show of Shows is second to none. Much like Opening Day, there are many questions ahead of Wrestlemania. What ridiculous stunt will Shane O’Mac attempt? Will an 85 yr old Undertaker still win? What roll will The Rock play in the festivities? And what cliff hanger will they end the show on?

I’m not kidding when I say this will be my favorite day of the year. Honestly it might not even be close. If you need me, ol Prent will be watching America’s two favorite pastimes, baseball and wrastlin’