Well folks here it is: ‘ol Ceeps is peacin. I’ve lived in NH for my entire life, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. Me and my boy Sam are heading to Texas on March 23.

Perhaps the biggest question I’ve received is: “what’s in Texas?” and my answer has been the same: “I don’t know I’ve never been there” so as you can see we are super prepared for the move. But anyways, here is what I imagine will be waiting for us in Texas: Cold beer, Sweet southern Christian gals (hopefully with sundresses and cowboy boots and southern accents), lots of deer and hogs for us to hunt, severe lack of snow, hopefully the development of a smooth Texas drawl, and adventure. Those are all GREAT things in my book.

So please be on the lookout for what are sure to be a lot of hilarious stories from our cross country adventure. I know all of you will be waiting on pins and needles to hear all about it because, as you all well know, I am the man. That’s just a fact. Admittedly the content here on Wood and Prent has been quite lacking lately and I have no one to blame but Wood, considering he hasn’t produced anything since the Stone Age. So that’s it for now friends. Prent is peacin