It was reported this morning that ol Roger Goodell is opting to go to the NFC Championship in Atlanta on Sunday instead of the AFC Championship on Foxboro. Shocker. The guy hasn’t been to New England for 963 days. That’s over two and a half years. That means it’s been over two and a half years since the commissioner of the NFL has been to the stadium of the most successful team in the league. That makes total sense.

We all know the story. The Patriots were accused of tampering footballs, the NFL hired an “independent” investigator, that “independent” investigator said that it was “more probable than not” that Tom Brady “was at least generally aware” of the situation surrounding the footballs, so Goodell suspended him for 4 games

What has happened since? The rest of the country wants to forget about it. They say New England should “move on” uhmmmm how about no there Chummy? What would Green Bay fans do if Aaron Rodgers got railroaded? How about Giants fans with Eli? The answer is obvious: we would NEVER hear the end of it. And those hackjobs at ESPN would make sure of it.

Since Deflategate, Roger Goodell has become public enemy #1, with ESPN as a close second. It’s almost laughable that ESPN claims to have any sort of journalistic integrity when it comes to the Patriots. ESPN hates Boston, They hate New England, and they REALLY hate the Patriots.

What confuses me is why the NFL and ESPN continually try to lambaste and discredit a guy who should be the face of the league. He’s the best QB in football, the best looking QB in football, and they guy is a consummate professional and family man. But good call ESPN, let’s turn that guy in to a villain. Did you know that Ray Lewis was “at least generally aware” of who murdered two people in Atlanta? That’s right you did know, and you employed his sorry ass anyways.

My point is, Roger Goodell is scared to come to New England. Flat out scared. And he should be. He tried to ruin Tom Brady’s reputation. He tried to put the organization at a competitive disadvantage by taking away a first and fourth round draft choices. He tried to knock the Patriots down a peg. And guess what? He failed. If you take a swing at the King, you best not miss. He may have landed a punch, but the fact that he won’t even show up in New England proves two things 1) He knows he was wrong and 2) He’s S.A.W.F.T SAWWWWWFT.