The Patriots beat the Texans 34-16 on Saturday night. They played arguably their sloppiest game of the season and still won by 18. In the Playoffs. That’s how good they are. But ol Earl Thomas says that Tom Brady “has the easiest path” and asks what he would do “if they put his ass in our division”. Earl, buddy, you are a great player. Probably the best Safety in football, but be careful what you wish for. Also, your point is hilariously erroneous.

Let’s take a peak at what the gauntlet that is the NFC West looked like this year. You had Seattle (10-5-1), Arizona (7-8-1), Los Angeles (4-12) and San Francisco (2-14). Yikes. That is gross. Now, in comparison, Let’s look at the AFC East. New England (14-2), Miami (10-6), Buffalo (7-9), and New York (5-11).

So, Earl Thomas, you won your division. Good for you. Your record would have been good for 3rd place in the AFC East. The Buffalo freakin Bills would’ve come in second place in your division. And oh by the way, one of Los Angeles’ 4 wins this year was against you. So there’s that.

My point is: when you’re 10-5-1, you can’t chirp a QB who is 14-2. When you get blown out in the Divisional Round, you can’t chirp a QB who (he and his team) played their worst game of the year and STILL won by 18. When you have a tee time for next Sunday, you can’t chirp a QB who will be playing in his SIXTH straight AFC Championship game. When you play on a team who threw the ball at the 1 yard line when they had Beast Mode in the backfield, you can’t chirp a QB who has a chance to go to his SEVENTH Super Bowl.

Just zip it Earl.