Calm down, peasants. I know the headline is sure to rattle some of you, but hear me out: Tom Brady is the best QB in football, but he isn’t the MVP. The reason is two fold: 1. People EXPECT the Patriots to rattle off 12-14 wins a year. That’s the norm for people. So when Brady does it it’s just “ho-hum the Patriots are really good at football again” and 2. Bill Belichick. 

Think about it. Without TB12 this season, Belichick led the Patriots to a 3-1 record. They went 11-1 in Brady’s 12 games. In 2008 when they lost Brady in week 1, Bill Belichick took Matt freaking Cassel, who hadn’t started a game since the Civil War, and had an 11-5 record. 11 wins. With Matt Cassel. That’s just absurd.

I know a lot of people think that Tom Brady made Bill Belichick, but guess what? I am not one of those people. Obviously Bill has benefited greatly by having TB12 at QB, but TB12 has benefited just as much (probably more) by having Billy Football as his Head Coach. To be honest, they go together like….lamb and tuna fish. (If you haven’t seen Big Daddy I hate you)

Now, back to my point, if you take Brady off of the Patriots for the whole year, how many games to they win? Probably not 14, but I doubt it would be less than 11 or 12. How about if you take Rodgers off of the Packers? 5 or 6 wins maybe? Or how about taking Matt Ryan off the Falcons? Maybe 7 wins? 

My point isn’t that I’d rather have Rodgers or Ryan over Brady, because I wouldn’t. But the award is Most VALUABLE Player, not the best player. Like or not, without Tom Brady, the Patriots are still a playoff team. Without Rodgers or Ryan, those teams don’t stand an ice cream cone’s chance in hell at even sniffing the playoffs.