We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with a girl and she sparks up a convo about sports. At first you’re like “Let’s gooo this is a good change of pace” news flash: it’s not a good change of pace. It sucks. They think they are some sort of sports historian because they know who won the Super Bowl last year. Congratulations hunny. 

There are a few things you need to know before you try to talk to me about how much you know about sports: 

1. Owning a few items with a teams logo on it doesn’t mean you know jack shit

2. Don’t use “we” to describe the team you are rooting for. You don’t play or work for the team. You have no bearing on their success. It’s they, not we. You aren’t that important.

3. Just because you like sports, doesn’t mean you know sports. There’s a HUGE difference. You can enjoy watching the Patriots and not know what a cover 2 is, and that’s ok. Just don’t act like you’re the female Tony Dungy out here.

4. If you say you know sports, I’m going to make you prove that you know what you are talking about. If you claim to know things, I will push you on it. I guarantee you don’t know things that I know. 

Now I need to throw this in here too: there are plenty of men who claim to like sports who are full of it too. Also, there are some girls that DO know sports. My friends Sarah and Brienna, for example, are always fun to talk with about hoop strategy or drills or what have you. They can talk football too. For example they know who Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer are. They are genuine students of the game. Girls like that are what I like to call keepers.