Hello minions. Uncle Prent here to shed some knowledge on another dating trend that is cuckoo city: when people change for their significant others. 

This drives me up a damn wall. So many people in my age group turn in to COMPLETELY different person. They stop making an effort to talk or to spend time with friends, they lock themselves in the house with their bf/gf all the time, and hell they might even move out of state. Why? Because they are dumb. 

Your friends were there before your relationship, they will be there during your relationship, and they’ll be there after it if you should break up. My point: make your friendships a priority. 

Now, I understand that there will inherently be less time to hang with the boys and do stupid shit when you have a girlfriend and that’s fine, but don’t lose your friends because of it.

I have friends who I talk to literally never because they are all involved in their bfs/gfs. Frankly it’s sad. They have lost who they are. But there’s another side to this as well: Two of my best friends in this world have been in long term relationships for 5+ years and guess what? They are still my best friends. Why? Because they aren’t idiots. Don’t be an idiot. And if you are an idiot, don’t bitch to the friends you ditched if your relationship doesn’t work out. 

The only thing worse than someone who is over committed to another person is when they don’t have a significant other and bitch about being single. Uhhh newsflash bro beans, you’re the only that cares that you’re single. Your friends don’t care, your family doesn’t care and your prospective dating choices don’t care. They like you for you. Single or not. But now I’ve gotten off track. My b.