Let me start by saying this isn’t a political post and if you are easily offended please stop reading right now because I don’t need your Safe Space, PC nonsense. Wouldn’t want to trigger anyone here huh Sallies?

Back to the point: My boy Big Nate brought up a good point on election night: “when’s the last time we had a smoke for a First Lady?” These are the types of hard hitting questions we here at Wood and Prent are always trying to answer. Maybe I need to add Nate to the staff.

Anyways, when is the last time we had a hot First Lady? Jackie O maybe? But she wasn’t at the level of my girl Melania Trump. I mean, way to go Donald. You really out kicked your coverage on this. Getting Melania to marry you is wayyyyy more of an upset than you winning the Presidency.

I think this is something that’ll help America heal. You might be mad about the election, you might not like Donald Trump, he’ll you might really hate him. But we can all agree that Melania Trump is an absolute babe. #factsonly