There’s no doubt about it, aging sucks. There are a ton of well discussed reasons for this but there’s one no one ever mentions; for many of us, eventually, we will work WITH or worse, FOR someone young enough to be our child. Insert eye roll and heavy sigh.
This is tricky. The oldie is expected to lovingly guide the youngen’ through the process of learning his or her job. Okay that sounds good., We can all play nice in the sandbox . Until the oldie realizes that they are basically parenting the youngen who knows jack shit. Insert eye roll and heavy sigh. Who the hell wants to parent at work?
In a good situation the oldie gets a youngen that recognizes that they are not as seasoned as the oldie, and the youngen is willing to learn and gives the appropriate respect to his or her aging teacher. Then the oldie really just has to grin and bear the the youth. The mannerisms. The speech. The references. Insert eye roll and heavy sigh.


The worst situation for us oldies is if we have to work with or for a youngen that thinks he or she knows more than she or he actually does and demands an unearned respect. This is bullshit and it’s too bad us oldies can’t put the youngens in time out, or give them a foot up the ass like we would our kids. I mean, if we’re forced to parent at work shouldn’t that be protocol? 

I will be shocked if Prent publishes this. He’s a youngen. Insert eye roll and heavy sigh. 
–Momma Prent