Donald Trump won the election. We all know that. I am seeing so much fear and negativity from many of my friends in social media, and I totally understand that. Well maybe not totally, because I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman or a minority, but I empathize with what you’re feeling. Here’s the thing: we’re all Americans.

Being an American is an amazing thing. I love this country and everything that comes with it. But you know what I love most of all? I love that when the proverbial chips are down, we don’t fall down with them. We rally TOGETHER. We get through it TOGETHER.

I’ve said from the beginning that no matter who wins, we have to stop the divisiveness that is poisoning this country. We are all people. We are all human. We have different beliefs and priorities and thoughts as to what this election means for our future, but one thing is for sure: we’re in this TOGETHER.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is our next President. “But what about the children?!” You still teach them right from wrong. You still teach them to respect women. You still teach them to do good. The fact that our next President might not embody these things all the time doesn’t change any of that. 

I know some people might not like this and might say that I’m writing from a white male standpoint and you would be absolutely correct. I am a white male. But I love my country and I challenge us all to come TOGETHER, instead of continuing to further divide us. I love every single one of you that read this. The sun will rise tomorrow, will you rise up? I know I will.