Uncle Prent is going to take some time away from the tension of the current election to talk about something that really matters: No Shave November.

Every once in a while you see posts from people about how they don’t have to shave their legs or this or that or what have you this month. ERRONEOUS. No Shave November applies to two things: Men’s facial hair and regular hair. As in the hair in your head.

November doesn’t give ladies a license to grow their leg hair out like a damn Sasquatch. November doesn’t give dudes the right to neglect the manscaping situation. It doesn’t mean you can stop maintaining the ol eyebrows or shaving the ol armpits. It is ONLY for men’s faces and the hair on people’s heads. Or women’s faces I guess if you’re a lady who can grow a mean stache like my Freshman English teacher. Point is, No Shave November isn’t for neglecting basic hygiene.

Imagine the anarchy if no one groomed themeselves at all for an entire month? The world would be a terrible, terrible place. You’d have leg hair looking like full on tights. You’d have armpit hair you could swing from. You’d have hair in the downstairs regions that resemble a rain forest. I don’t want to live in that world. Take Uncle Prent’s advice and know that less is more when it comes to what No Shave November applies to