You don’t know me yet but you’ll quickly learn. I’m the dude that doesn’t always agree with the popular decision. I go against the grain for fun. I love a good argument. I don’t lose arguments because I argue until you quit. I love the athletes that everyone else hates. Why? Because everyone else hates them. LeBron? Yup! Floyd? You bet. Sherman? My dawg. I also consider myself a clever dude with a sense of humor that pisses some people off if they don’t really know me. I make people laugh.
But nothing makes me laugh harder than seeing one of those idiots in Oakland dress up as a Raider in all black and silver and go watch a football game. Like I fall out of my seat laughing almost every time they show one of those clowns. I guess I just don’t understand. They paint their faces or bodies, wear shoulder pads with spikes, helmets, and god only knows what else. And for what? To root on their team? I mean figure it out, gentlemen. Throw on a Cooper or Mack jersey and call it a day.
It isn’t just in Oakland though, you’ve got “super fans” for every team in any sport that does this. In baseball, it isn’t so much the face paint and outfit attire. (Although you’ll get a handful of those tools too.) In baseball, it’s the cool dads that bring their Franklin glove that they bought from Walmart for $14.99 to the game. When’s the last time you saw one of these dads on sports center top 10? You don’t. You see dads catching it with their bare hands while holding their future all-star, or using their beer to rob a kid two rows behind them of a souvenir. Leave the glove at home dads.
No matter the sport no matter the team you’ll always have these type of guys. I’m telling you, don’t. You look like an idiot and it doesn’t help your team. Throw on the jersey and hat and call it a day.
–Tytan Kelley