Dating kinda sucks. Especially in your 20s and even more especially in this day in age. Netflix and chill is the new dinner and a movie. Texting and snap chatting have replaced letters and actually seeing each other.

People don’t actually date anymore. That’s an old people thing apparently. There are stages to “dating” that are so stupid that it hurts. The first step to dating these days is most likely a form of social media. Could be anything from FB, Twitter, Insta or Tinder. I guess Bumble is popular now too. What happens here varies. Some dudes ask for nudes right off which is bold, but to the point. Some try and make an effort to get to know a girl enough to meet up. That’s where step 2 comes in.

Step 2 is to get drunk together in hopes that you both will get juuuuuust drunk enough to take your pants off. What a swell idea. “Hey I like you, so I’m gonna get hammered and hope you get hammered and then I’m gonna make a move so we both regret it and don’t talk ever again or make it suuuuuper awkward when we do talk again.” Nice move genius.

Now you’ve met once or twice and have already done the mattress mambo, so what’s next? I’m glad you asked. It’s the super duper awkward post horizontal hula hang out. Both of you are a little scared to make the first move while your sober so you try to make awkward chit chat and eventually just make out and maybe go for round 2 of the bedroom rodeo.

The problem with all of this is there is ZERO actual connection. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the occasional one night boot knocking, but this how people are trying to meet the person they want to be with. That’s cuckoo city. What happened to meeting someone at a party or a bar, talking with them, getting to know them, take the girl for a nice dinner, kiss goodnight if you’re lucky, and then set up another date to get to know each other more and so on and so on.

My point is, girls all say they want a guy to do these and prove that “chivalry isn’t dead” but then settle for the above bullshit. So rattling on so many levels. Here’s what I propose: no more Netflix and Chill, no more awkward bullshit. Let’s actually be adult and tell people when we like them, and show people we like them by making an effort.