My bosses are awesome. How do I know this? Because these words came out of my mouth this week: “I hate you” “stop being a baby” ” fuck you” ” you’re being a dick” “no fucking way am I doing that” “every time you say that I want to punch you in the balls” and I still have a job.

I come in when I want, I leave when I want, I vacation when I want, I wear what I want. Their only requirement is that I do my job. And I do.

My office is fun. We laugh, we swear, we are ridiculous and we make fun of each other, while doing our jobs. Outsiders looking in would never know the fun we have because in the end we take our work seriously.

It must be awful to work for uptight, politically correct, boring people. So if you do, it sucks to be you. My bosses are awesome.

–Momma Prent