Driving home from work today I was thinking about the date, how quickly the holidays are coming, what I need to buy Prent and his sister, Etc. when it hit me like an angry bitch slap: we are entering the season of THE MOST annoying Facebook posts ever. The daily Thankful Posts and the Elf on the Effing Shelf. Today I am thankful for my kids, my job, my spouse, my luggage, that no one heard me fart in the check out line. WHO CARES? No one does. Keep it to yourself, get off of Facebook and go spend time with the people you are supposedly so thankful for. I roll my eyes every time I see these posts. I hate them. I realize this doesn’t make me a good person and I’m okay with that.

Parenting really hit a low point with the inception of The Elf on The Shelf. Are kids such assholes these days that parents need to spend hours making and cleaning up messes that this dumb elf made in order to keep them from misbehaving during the holiday season? My kids did not need The Elf on The Shelf to keep them in line because they got The Foot in The Ass if they didn’t. Good thing Prent was always such a peach.

–Momma Prent