Good Afternoon minions. A beautiful Monday Afternoon at that. One of the most annoying things that happen every God damned week, is the chorus of people saying how much they hate Mondays. Well how about you try this on for size: MONDAY IS JUST ANOTHER DAY AND NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK BECAUSE YOU’RE STUPID AND I HATE YOU. Woah. Got a little heated there, but I stand by it.

This is such a useless thing to hate. It’s just a day. And Monday just means you are one day closer to Friday and all the boring shit you probably do on Friday night. Hatred is an emotion that shouldn’t be wasted on something so dumb. Want to hate something? Hate something useful like The Jets, the State of Connecticut, the guy who shot Harambe, or Hillary Clinton (or anyone in politics for that matter). Those things SHOULD be hated. Don’t waste your precious hatred on a day of the week.