Today marks 10 years since my girl T-Swift released her first album. This is big news. If you don’t like Taylor Swift you are either a) deaf. b) dead inside. Or c) a stupid idiot.

She is super talented, seems like a real nice gal, and she is an absolute smoke show. Not a bad combo there. To commemorate such a blessed day, I have compiled a list of my favorite jingles from  ol T-Swizzle

P.S You’ll notice that every song is pre-2014 because her new “pop” stuff is hot garbage and I’m very disappointed in her. But anywho, here is the list:

10. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Real catchy tune. I also like that she was obviously dating a pinhead and is telling him to kick rocks. You go Taylor.

9. Picture to Burn

Kind of the same thing as above, but from a younger T-Swift. This one she gets a little personal talking about the truck but that’s ok.

8. Begin Again

Real touching story in this tune. “My ex was an asshole so thanks for not being an asshole”

7. Mean

Message in this one is pretty simple. Stop being a dink.

6. Teardrops on my Guitar

A story as old as time and one that we can all relate to. “Listen dummy I like you” but you can’t actually say it. Been there. Currently there. Not fun.

5. Ours

Basically peace all of you that don’t like it, we love each other. Good for you hunny.

4. Love Story

Love the Romeo and Juliet angle here. Deep.

3. You Belong With Me

Another classic. Peace that broad and love me.

2.Our Song

A catchy little ditty with a southern feel. Love it.

1. Sparks Fly

If you haven’t heard this song and love it, I probably hate you.