Here’s the deal, Niykee Heaton is in the top 5 hottest women on the planet. I mean good lord. But here’s the other thing: she is a supremely talented singer.

Her version of “Or Nah” is maybe the hottest thing I have ever heard. I mean seriously, go watch it. “Bad Intentions” is  an absolute banger. I think she’s hotter and better than Beyoncé and I wholeheartedly mean that. She’s that hot and that good.

I think Niykee is changing the world. Can you name me another person with her combo? Rihanna is hot but and talented but not as hot or as talented as Niykee. Nicki Minaj? Oh please. Beyoncé is the only person even near Niykee’s stratosphere. Supremely talented, absolute smoke, she’s the new favorite. If you don’t believe me, click on her music videos and look at these pictures. I mean it’s just not fair.