So in case you live under a rock, the Sox won the AL East tonight. They have been unreal in September, almost singlehandedly taking out their division foes. Now that the division is locked up, it’s time to look at the two biggest individual awards: the CY Young and the MVP.

The Cy Young award should be an easy choice: Rick Porcello. What a rebound from last year. The guy is 22-4 with a 3.11 ERA and a WHIP that is under 1. That’s cuckoo city type numbers. He has also been a workhorse that has thrown 217 innings. He doesn’t lead the league in anything, but he’s near the top in everything and 22 wins is money. 

The MVP is going to be REAL interesting. Betts, Ortiz, and Pedroia have a legit chance to all finish in the top 5. All three are in the top 5 in batting average, and Ortiz is in the top 5 in RBI, Doubles, Slugging percentage, On Base percentage and OPS. At the same time Betts is in the top 5 in RBI, hits, runs, doubles, and total bases. Pedroia is also in the top 5 in hits. 

As you can see, Betts and Ortiz are statistically better candidates, but Pedroia will get a lot of votes because of the second half he has had. The only two other viable candidates are Jose Altuve and Mike Trout, but Trout can’t (or shouldn’t) win the MVP on a team that didn’t even sniff the playoffs.

According to ESPN, Ortiz is projected to win the award with Mookie finishing second. What a way that would be to go out for Big Papi. Either way, a Red Sox will more than likely be bringing home the two biggest individual awards, along with the division hardware. Man it’s good to be a Boston sports fan.