Ol Prent is going to get a little political on you. I know a lot of you watched the debate tonight and are probably thinking “Prent, I don’t care what you say blah, blah, blah.” Well tough cookies buckonbecaise I’m going to write about t anyway. 

So the first Presidential Debate of this election occurred tonight, and I am left thinking 3 things. 1) Donald Trump needs to reign it in if he wants to win. 2) Hillary gives me the creeps 3) The moderator tonight was extremely biased.

The first part of the night went very well for Trump. He was calm and collected and got the better of Hillary when he discussed bad trade deals and the issues with the current government system. After the first 20 minutes or so he got impatient and started interrupting and what not. Even if what he’s saying makes sense or is true, his detractors will pull the “see, he’s unpresidential!” Or “he’s a bully who hates women” or something to that effect. He needs to stay away from that. 

Everytime Hillary talks, I cringe. She just seems SO fake and patronizey (yeah that’s a word now) and it gives me the heebie jeebies. I’m not going to pretend that Donald Trump is a perfect candidate, but I would vote for my dog before I voted for her. At least I’d believe him. She just doesn’t seem honest or trustworthy. Like at all and that scares me. 

This moderator that they had tonight was a complete hack job. Not ONE time did he mention Libya, Benghazi, or Emails. He did, however, find the time to get in to Birthers, Trumps tax returns (still don’t know why this matters), his father, and a lawsuit from the 70s. 

I know that Trump has his shortcomings, but so does Hillary and these debates need to have objective moderators. We can’t have debates that ask one sided questions. It’s unfair to the voters because they don’t get the whole truth. Is Trump a great candidate? No. is Hillary a great candidate? No. But every voter deserves to hear every piece of information available.