Rick Porcello won his 21st(!!!!!!!) game of the year, David Ortiz and Mookie Betts continue to torment the Orioles, and the Sox have won 5 in a row. They now have a 4 game lead in the AL East with just 12 games to play. That’s a good spot to be in just in case you were wondering.

It is in the realm of possibility that the Red Sox could have the MVP (Mookie Betts), the CY Young (Pretty Ricky) and the batting champion (Dustin Pedroia). That is cuckoo city. Two of those three might even be more probable than possible (Pedroia winning the batting title is kind of a long shot) But this time is probably in the top two in terms of World Series favorite, traingnprobably only the Cubs.

The best part of this is that this hasn’t been the case all year. They’ve had stretches where they have looked AWFUL, their manager is hot garbage, and their division is very tough. They are like the girl in elementary school that you think is cute but your not quite sure, and then you get to high school and she starts actually trying to look good and she turns in to an A1 smokebomb. Always a pleasant surprise. Go Sox.

P.S. How awesome is this Porcello. Machado is being a little bitch because Porcello plunked him, and Porcello doesn’t take any shit. I believe the exact translation is “why would I wanna hit you with that motherfucker coming up? Use your fucking head.” So awesome