I know Bill Belichick is a sorcerer, but this might be too much even for him. Jacoby Brissett is in his rookie year and had minimal snaps with he first team in training camp and in the preseason. He is a promising prospect, but that’s all he is. A prospect. Having to start him on a Thursday against the Texans is NOT good for the Pats.

I’m sure ol Billy Football will come up with SOMETHING to make Jacoby a competitive option, but I’m struggling to believe they’ll light it up like they are able to do with TB12 and JG10. Maybe get the screen game going or roll him out to move the pocket.

The good news for the Patriots is that their defense is legit. So that should be able to carry them until Tom Brady gets back. Another thing that might help is if Gronk comes back. That’s quite a security blanket for a young QB.

So let’s hope Jimmy’s collarbone isn’t broken, and that Gronk comes back ASAP.