To be honest, I grew up in the golden age of sports movies. You had a bunch of silly ones like “Rookie of the Year”, some serious ones like “Remember the Titans” and some true ones like “The Rookie”, so ol Prent is gonna stroll on down memory lane and rank them all. Let’s get after it. 

10. The Mighty Ducks series

This would be a lot higher on the list of they stopped at 2. The prep school one kinda sucked if we’re being honest. The one where they are team USA is fire though. Ducks fly together! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

9. Rookie of the Year

The best parts of this movie are The manager always mispronouncing Henry’s last name, and the crazy pitching coach. Absolutely hysterical.

8. The Rookie

This one is all kinds of heart warming. High school baseball coach turned big league reliever? That’s the dream. Plus the wife in this one is a smoke.

7. Angels in the Outfield

I must’ve watched this move 57783 times growing up. Being told Will Clark was gonna die at the end of the movie was always heart wrenching, but him getting the W was worth it. Also, George Knox kinda reminds me of my JV baseball coach from back in the day. This was also the first time I had seen my boy Matthew McConaughey in a cinematic adventure, so that’s money.

6. Varsity Blues

Absolute classic in every sense of the word. Just hilarious. Tweeder is the man, Darcy is a dime, the teacher being a stripper is money. The whole move is top shelf. 

5. Space Jam

Bugs bunny? ✔️ Daffy Duck? ✔️ Michael Jordan? ✔️ Charles Barkley? ✔️ Using hoops to stop an alien invasion? Priceless. I’m also very rattled that they’re going to make a Space Jam 2 with baby bron bron 😩😩😩

4. Happy Gilmore

When I was 4 years lold I loved Happy Gilmore so much that I had a birthday party at a mini golf place and yelled “That’s your home! Are you too good for your home?!?! Answer me!!!!” At pretty much every hole. Im sure that was a real high point for my parents. Too money. 

3. Little Giants

This might be the most underrated movie on this list. Phenomenal film. The Annexation of Puerto Rico is the best play ever drawn up, Ice Box goes from cheerleader to fullback, and the Giants overcome the odds and beat the Cowboys. Awesome.

2. Remember The Titans

When I was a kid I thought this was just about a good football team. Obviously it’s much more than that. But Gary and Julius’ bromance is one for the books. 

1. Sandlot

This might be the best movie of all time in general. So many classic lines in this one. From “you’re killin me smalls” to “you play ball like a girl!” Just fire lines all over the place. Plus we used to play baseball all day every day just like the guys on the movie.