First of all, there is no couple on earth as good looking as Tom and Gisele. That’s just fact. Both are probably in the top 5 most attractive people in the history of ever. Second of all, they genuinely love each other. Or at least their social media posts make it seem like they do.

There have been numerous times that we’ve seen Tom and Gisele be the embodiment of every relationship goal, but this one might take the cake: 

Imagine being married to a supermodel. Pretty sweet, right? Now, imagine being married to a supermodel that wants to have a catch in the backyard. That’s literally the dream. There are like maybe two things I’d rather have in the world than what Tom and Gisele have. Here are some more pics of all the good times.

P.S. What a great way to stick it to Goodell. “What’s that Rog? I’m suspended for the first 4 games and I can’t even be at the facility? Well peace you buddy I’ll just have a catch with my supermodel wife. Take that.” Classic.