So I stumbled back upon “Fuller House” on Netflix. So I decided to flip it on an oh my God has time been good to these women. I mean seriously. Woah

Candace Cameron is kind of the main character on this installment. Innthe show. She’s a single mom (love moms) and she is a dime. She is just one of those beautiful women that you see a pic and say “Woah”

Then we have Jodie Sweetin. She has REALLY grown up. Especially in the chest department. I mean they should have their own show of we’re being honest 

I’m not gonna to talk about Kimmy Givler because she’s annoying, so I’m going to wrap it up with the oldest, put perhaps the hottest of the group: Lori Loughlin, AKA Aunt Becky. I mean, wow. She is the ultimate MILF. I mean she is FIFTY TWO. That’s 52. And she is hotter than 75% of women in their 30s. Seing Aunt Becky on the screen again gave me that special feeling…that I’d do anything to bone her.