J.J. Watt is trying REAL hard to unseat LeBron as “Most Insufferable Athlete On Planet Earth” huh? First of all, he LOVES letting people know he works out. Uhhhh no kidding,  you’re huge. I think we know you hit the gym, buddy.

Another thing is that he really wants people to know he plays hurt: 

“Look at me guys! I played with a bloody face so you KNOW I’m a badass!” Good for you pal. Tweet about it some more.

But this last one takes the cake. He has a surgery this offseason that was NEVER and I means absolutely never considered career threatening. Like that was never on the table. Here’s what he had to say to ESPN: 

“When I was in Philadelphia after the first surgery, there were some days there where I really questioned whether or not I’d ever be able to play again,” Watt said. “Just some of the stuff we were dealing with from a rehab standpoint. And just the way that the recovery was going early on.”

Dude. C’mon with this stuff. You never questioned your career, J.J.. Never once. This is just a big case of attentionseekingclownitus is what it is. And I, for one, will not be contaminated by such a disease. 

My whole thing is, he is arguably the best defensive player in the league right now. That should be badass enough. There’s no need for the charade of him parading his workout regimen or bloody pictures or any of that crap. Play football J.J.. You’re good enough at that to get attention.