Really have to feel bad for my guy guy Chad Kelly here. This is a real kick in the nuts. First, you blow a 20 point lead in a prime time game, and then a smoking hot ex-pornstar makes it known to the world that you tried to slide in.

Not only did he fail to slide in, she Twotter slapped the shit out of him. He didn’t even say anything rude and she absolutely put him in a body bag. This makes me wonder what she says to guys who are rude and crude. Does she just straight up kill them? Because this is how the convo went with a respectful gentlemen: “Hey how are you?” “I’M OUTTA YOUR LEAGUE CHUMP!” classic. 

P.S. she isn’t wrong. Mia Khalifa is hot and she knows it. I’m not talking about how money it would be to get with a pornstar. Which would be quite a time. Being familiar with Mia Khalifa’s work, I can tell you that a night with her would be one for the books. But beyond that, she just is genuinely gorgeous. Poor Chad. 😩😩😩