This is cuckoo city. This video that he played was almost as weird as the ‘Famous’ video. It creeped me out. A lot. I don’t have the link to it right now, but the fact that people cheered for it is so rattling. I literally have NO idea what I just watched. My head is twisted up like a pretzel. 

Also the diatribe he went on was strange as well. He talked about how sweet it is to be famous, then he touched on the TSwift situation, he talked about how rich white dudes try and hold him down, and then he even brought up Ray J. 

The best part is when he listed his childhood idols. He named Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Howard Hughes and Steve Jobs. I don’t know why, but I literally laughed out loud. I just can’t picture little Kanye West wanting to be just like Harry Truman when he grows up. 

P.S. Looks like the joke’s on me though because Kim clearly wants it tonight. Look at those eyes.