(Via TMZ)Kanye West’s MTV VMA performance is shrouded in so much secrecy, he hasn’t even taken the stage for a ‘run through’ … just hours before the live awards show kicks off.

Our sources backstage at the VMA’s tell us, unlike other artists, Yeezy has not performed a rehearsal of whatever the hell he plans to do on stage, and “nobody knows what he’s doing.”

However … we’re told execs aren’t too worried because they know Kanye delivers when it counts.

As we previously reported, Kanye gets 4 minutes to do whatever he wants, including talking, rapping, dancing, or even just staring at the crowd.

With no rehearsals yet … the latter ain’t looking too bad.
So MTV has given Kanye free reign to do whatever he wants tonight…yikes. Who the hell knows what this could mean. The dude hasn’t even practiced whatever it is that he’s going to do. What could go wrong?

It’s not like he’s ever hijacked a show and made himself look like an idiot, right?! Nah of course not! Should be mint condish for tonight!

I mean seriously, would ANYTHING surprise you? He might rap, he might dance, he might tell jokes, he might tell a little story, he might go off on my girl TSwift, hell he might even bring ol Kim K out and bang her out right on stage. No way that would take more than 4 minutes. Personally, I’m rooting for the latter.