OAKLAND (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works crews worked to free a man who was trapped between two buildings Tuesday morning in Oakland.

It all started around 2 a.m. on Forbes Avenue.
According to police, a Pitt student became wedged between two buildings, in a gap that ranged from 16-18 inches wide, when he tried leap from one to the other. He attempted to go from the shorter building to the taller one, but missed. After falling, he became suspended about five-feet off the ground.

He was allegedly out to impress a girl he met Monday night, but failed miserably.
The girl he was trying to impress, who waited with everyone else along Forbes Avenue during the rescue, saw he was in trouble and called campus police, who called 911.
Gotta feel for this bro. I mean I get it. Chicks dig crazy shit. Anytime something can get you the girl, you gotta take the risk. Now, instead of getting the girl, he gets stuck between two buildings and gets embarrassed in front of everyon. Tough go for him. Too bad.