(Via ESPN)Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones was not pleased to see a video on TMZ that appeared to show Ezekiel Elliott at a marijuana dispensary hours before the rookie running back was set to make his preseason debut.

In the video, a man the website reported to be Elliott was seen in Herban Legends in Seattle, but he was not shown making any purchases.

“Well, I think that in and of itself the reason we are talking about is in a way part of the learning process,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday. “But it’s not good. It’s just not good. It’s just not good”

Marijuana remains a banned substance in the NFL, although its recreational use is legal in the state of Washington.

Elliott carried the ball seven times for 48 yards in the first quarter.

Elliott is under investigation by the Columbus, Ohio, district attorney’s office for an alleged domestic violence incident involving a former girlfriend. Elliott has denied the accusations, but he has yet to be interviewed.

The Cowboys have backed Elliott and have not seen his story change.

The TMZ video, however, upset Jones.

“Again, that’s a part of just really getting the big picture here,” Jones said. “No matter if you played at whatever level, there is a picture here of interest. So again, I’m aware of it. I heard the report. I would know how he is, and he needs to look at that. And the other thing is it’s just not good.”

This is laugh out loud funny to me. So Cowboys. First off, there shouldn’t be that much free time for guys to roam around dope dens on the day of a game. Second, Ezekiel HAS to know the Devil’s Lettuce is illegal in the NFL, what with Laveon Bell being suspended for it like 5746827 times. 

Even if pot wasn’t illegal in the NFL, it’s still not a good luck. I mean you haven’t been on the field in the NFL a day in your life and hours before you’re set to achieve your dream and do just that, you’re in Heban Legends shopping for some OG Kush.  Cuckoo City in my book.

Yeah, laugh it up dummy