(Via TMZ) Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are donzo … TMZ has confirmed.

We’re told J Lo pulled the plug on the relationship. Sources close to Casper are saying the breakup didn’t happen, but our Lopez sources are clear … the relationship is over.

J Lo, 47, and Casper, 29, started dating as far back as October 2011. It appeared as if they broke up in 2014 but our sources say they were never really apart … and they were really spending time at her house when they were supposedly separated.  

Things seemed alright a couple weeks ago when they hung out at her Vegas show … where she gave ex Marc Anthony a shout-out. 

People first reported the breakup.

Let’s goooooo!!!!!! This is big time. First of all, I have no idea who Casper is and I’m not going to try and find out either. Guy is probably a hack. I’m gonna pretend he’s just that friendly ghost. Anywho, JLo can clearly do better than this clown so good for her.

Being a celeb has gotta kind of suck though, no? I mean break ups suck, and when you’re a celeb it’s front page news. That’s a double whammy if I’ve ever heard of one. Although millions of dollars and like 5 sick houses could probs make you feel better real quick. 

If I was a celeb going through a tough time I would channel my inner Eddie Murphy circa 1985: 

Such a power move tbh. “I’m gonna eat steak and fries off of a naked model. Why? Because I fuckin can bud” Classic.

P.S. JLo is 47 years old?! That’s Cuckoo City. She is still hotter than 97% of women in their 20s (pics below to prove it). JLo, hunny, ol Prent has a shoulder for you to cry on.