(via TMZ sports)Toronto Blue Jays superstar Edwin Encarnacion has been sued by a woman who claims he knowingly gave her multiple STDs during a romantic weekend … TMZ Sports has learned.

 The woman behind the lawsuit claims she’s a 24-year-old family friend of the MLB star who first met him in 2013. 

In her lawsuit, the woman claims she hooked up with one of Edwin’s teammates in 2015 — but was tested in December 2015 at a Planned Parenthood and was told she was clean. 

The woman claims she later hooked up with Edwin during a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in February 2016 … and had unprotected sex on at least 2 occasions. 

Problem is … the woman claims she was in pain in the days after the hookup and thought she had Zika — so she went to a doctor. 

She later learned it was NOT Zika — but rather two STDs. 

The woman claims she contacted Edwin — but he insisted he was clean and “suggested she may have picked up [the STDs] when they went 4-wheeling and she swam in the river.”

The woman says Edwin later backed off his claims about being STD-free — and then stopped contacting her altogether. The woman claims she now believes he knew he was carrying STDs all along.  

The woman is suing Edwin for battery, misrepresentation of the facts and more — and is demanding more than $11.5 MILLION to make things right. 

There are so many things that rattle me about this story. First of all, this broad is just being passed around the Jays clubhouse, huh? Not a real good look for her or Edwin. That violates like 37 commandments of the Bro Code on his end and on her end it makes her seem like she’s just a cleat chaser (which let’s be real she probably is)

Also, $11.5 million for a couple of STDs?! That is next level absurd. What STDs could he have possibly given you thats worth $11.5 million. You know what it sounds like she caught? A nasty case of golddiggeritus. Which is a very common problem among broads who sleep with rich athletes. It’s an epidemic really.

But this last part really takes the cake. Ol Edwin here thinks she might have caught the STD when they went 4 wheeling and then went swimming in a river. Now, Edwin is from the Domincan Republic so I’m not sure what their sexual education is like down there, but maybe someone could clue him in on what STD stands for. It stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. Key word being Sexually. I don’t think 4 wheeling or swimming qualifies for that distinction.

If anything, all I’m rooting for here is for Edwin to get some more education on the birds and the bees. With cases of golddiggeritus popping up all over the joint, you can never be too careful.