(Via mirror.co.uk)North Korea has condemned the US and South Korean armies after they were spotted performing joint military exercises and threatened to turn both armies into “a heap of ashes”.

The United States and South Korea kicked off their annual military exercises today, prompting warnings of retaliation from the North – in the form of a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Tension is already heightened on the peninsula after the defection of a Pyongyang diplomat
This is about the least shocking thing I’ve read all day. Kim Jong-Un and his merry band North Korean dipshits threaten the US like every day. The best part is, not one person is legitimately afraid of this bozo. I mean it’s tough to take a guy seriously when he claims he doesn’t poop, has a government regulation regarding hairstyles, and claims that his Dad invented the hamburger.


This jackwagon claims that he will obliterate Washinton D.C. with a nuclear strike. Riiiiiiight. Here’s the skin bub, your little nuclear missiles (which probably are real poorly made because, you know, North Korea) have a range of about 2,485 miles. Washington D.C. is about 6,877 away. That is roughly a whole hell of a lot more that 2,485 and thus wayyyy out of range. Crisis averted.

The other thing is, ol Kimmy J doesn’t want to even take a swing at the good ol USA. And that’s because if you take a swing at the Kings you best not miss. And truest me, he definitely would miss (again, North Korea) and believe me, the US definitely wouldn’t. Tread lightly Kimmy.