(Via TMZ)Lindsay Lohan is trying to be a tougher negotiator against Russia than either Clinton or Trump could ever be … because she’s demanding a queen’s ransom for an interview on Ruski TV.

We’ve learned Lindsay was offered to appear on the most popular talk show in Russia — “Pust govoryat.” The show airs on Channel 1, a state-owned station.

The host wants to interview her about her relationship and breakup with ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov. Our Russian spies got us a copy of Channel 1’s letter to Lindsay, in which they say, “Please send the list of demands.”

Lindsay sent her demands alright …

— a private jet

— security

— 1 year Russian visa with extension

— 500,000 British pounds

— hair, makeup and manicurist onboard jet

— Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

Oh, and one other thing. She wants to meet with President Vladimir Putin and get photos with him

Leave it to ol Linds to drive a hard bargain. The craziest part of this story is that Russian people will more than likely be dumb enough to actually adhere to these demands, which is just cuckoo city. Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been relevant since about the Cold War

But you know what? I sneaky love this move out of her. Like you want me to travel to your dumpster fire of a third world country? Well, here’s a list of my demands, peasant. Take that.

It’s also hilarious that snapping selfies with Putin is on her list of demands. Like you couldn’t think of anything else you could possibly want from Russia? Lifetime supply of vodka perhaps? Or how about asking for 10 minutes with Anna Kournikova for your boy Prent? Ah who am I kidding I wouldn’t need 10 minutes.