(Via TMZ sports)It’s as shocking as Saturday night’s fight was awesome … there will be no Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz trilogy … according to the man who makes the decision.

Dana White tells TMZ Sports he wants Conor to defend his title against interim champ Jose Aldo. Dana says, “The war was fun and super successful but I’m movin’ on.” Here’s the rub — Conor beefed up for his fight against the much larger Diaz. Conor normally fights at 145 and swelled to 168 to fight Diaz.
Dana says Conor has two options — either fight Aldo or surrender his title to him — or cut weight to 155 and fight Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title.

Dana says under any scenario, he’s closing the books on McGregor vs. Diaz.

I mean I’m no expert, but when you have a slam dunk opportunity to make millions of dollars, shouldn’t you do it? Everyone who has watched either one of the McGregor vs Diaz fights wants a third one, but leave it to Dana White to be the asshole. It’s marketing 101 bud, give the people what they want.

I don’t care that Conor usually fights at 145, that little leprechaun looked real good at 168 and you know that crazy bastard Nate Diaz wants another shot. All the stars are aligned for another spectacular PPV, why is Dana White trying to get in the way.

Listen, Dummy. This is all you have to do. Set the card as McGregor vs Diaz III and have Rumble Johnson vs Daniel Cormier as the co main event. Then, you just sit back and count your millions. I’ll be nice and only take a 3% cut for my genius.