Woah. UFC 202 was money. The card sneaky had it all. We had two guys make their UFC debut, one lost pretty bad and the other knocked a guy out cold with a kick to the face. We had a light heavyweight bout last about as long as I would with Selena Gomez, and then we had the prizefight, Diaz vs McGregor.

First of all, these UFC guys are crazy bastards. They volunteer to get their brains beat in. But it’s a funny thing, there is so much respect among these guys. It’s actually kind of cool to watch them interact. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson knocked his opponent out in 13 seconds and then hugged the guy and thanked him for being a professional and said “God bless you, man”. Maybe it’s the  coach in me, but I just think that is so cool.

The Diaz vs McGregor fight was everything it was supposed to be and more. I have purchased a lot of PPV fights on my day and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better main event than the one I watched tonight. Just two prizefighters gong toe to toe in a good, ol fashioned slobber knocker. There was blood, there was taunting, there was a middle finger in the face, really just everything you could ask for.

McGregor started out strong and to be honest it didn’t look like the fight was really going to last that long, but as Diaz kept getting hit in the face, he got better. It’s almost like the guy likes the taste of his own blood. After the first two rounds it really was back and forth and it could have gone either way.

McGregor got the W in a majority decision, so that puts the scoreboard at 1-1 between these guys. You know what that means? More than likely we will get Diaz Vs McGregor III which I absolutely cannot wait for. Too money.

P.S. The following video is the entirety of the the “Rumble” Johnson fight