Admit it, WWE is money. You’re just embarrassed to admit that you actually enjoy scripted fights. Well you know who’s not embarrassed by it? Your boy Prent. I honestly can’t wait for tonight’s festivities. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “yo Prent, you’re gonna spend 60 bucks to watch some guys fake fight each other.” No. I absolutely will not do that. I will bust out the laptop and find an illegal stream of it on the inter webs like any red blooded Amerin would do. I’m not an idiot.

There is actually a real good card tonight so it should be lit. There’s the Intercontinental Championship, the Tag Team titles, the Women’s Championship, and TWO heavyweight title matches. Any time there are that many titles up for grabs you know shit is about to go down. 

Personally I hope the only title that changes hands is the Intercontinental title because the Miz really rattles me. I also am cheering for Enzo and Cass because they’re hilarious and they’re wrestling two Canadians so peace those guys. Also I have to support my boy John Cena because he’s the man. And perhaps my biggest hope for tonight is a wardrobe malfunction in the Women’s Championship match because Charlotte and Sasha Banks are both stone cold foxes.