Roger Goodell may be the most incompetent commissioner in the history of sports. I don’t think there has been one issue or scandal that this hackjob has handled correctly.

He watched Ray Rice knock his girlfriend unconscious and said “uhmmmmm two games?” And all merry band of jackasses and said “wow, Rog! That’s a great idea” and they all laughed amongst each other…until the world saw the video and saw how disgusting it was. Then ol Rog said that it was the first time he saw the tape and decided that Rice’s actions were so heinous that he deserved an indefinite suspension. He deserved that suspension from the get go and it’s despicable that it took the video being made public for that to happen.

Then we move to Greg Hardy, who beat his girlfriend and then threw her onto a futon that had automatic weapons all over it. Well when Roger heard about this he was horrified and actually have a decent suspension of 10 games. But then started whining about it and appealed his suspension, and Roger’s boys down in the NFL discipline office decided that he only deserved to miss 4 games. Good call morons.
Then the Patriots may or may not have deflated footballs (there is still no clear evidence to prove they did) and Roger decided that this was a horrible crime committed and it deserved his full attention. With ZERO evidence, he took a 1st round pick, a 4th round pick, $1 million, and suspended the best QB of all time 4 games. For maybe knowing that something might of happened. Makes sense.
Then we have the Golden Boy, Peyton Manning who had HGH sent to his house, and ol Roger decided that there was no evidence that Peyton Manning was linked to performance enhancing drugs. There were three other players named in that same report that Manning was named in, and guess what? Roger is forcing them all to answer questions. So the evidence against Manning was nothing, but know these players are being threatened with suspension. Makes total sense.
The fact is that Roger has the right, per the current CBA to do whatever he wants, and that’s what he does. If he likes you or do something so minor as to beat your significant other senseless, no worries! We’ll go easy on ya! But if you maybe know something might be going or you were named in a report he doesn’t like, he’s coming for blood. Goodell is a clown and in no way should still have a job