Live look at Junichi Tazawa…

Look, I won’t sit here and say the sox bullpen has been all peaches and rainbows, but how in God’s name does John Farrell think it is a good plan to bring in Junichi Tazawa in a close game? He has been AWFUL. 

Now, if Ziegler, Barnes, Ross, Hembree, Abad, Kimbrel, the bat boy, the radio intern or the PA announcer were unavailable, I would totally understand going with Tazawa. 

The thing is, you traded for Brad Ziegler to pitch the 8th inning. If he’s available, he’s the guy you go to with a lead in the 8th inning, then you go Kimbrel in the 9th. That’s how you manage a bullpen, John.

I honestly feel like there are times where he is using a magic 8 ball or flipping a coin to make his decisions. How he still has a job managing a team in the big leagues is unreal to me. He had managed 5 full seasons and has finished last or second to last 4 times. Newsflash people: that is awful.