Here’s the skin, if you’re a girl and you drink beer, I automatically find you 83% more attractive. Because if you drink beer it means that 

1. You’re down to chill and not all about getting ham sammied and grinding all up on God knows what


2. It means you are definitely ftb (for the boys) and more than likely would be more than ok with drinkin a couple cold ones and watching the game which is money

This is the worst. Back in the ol college days, these are the girls that just wanna rip some shots and then rip off the nearest dudes boxers. This is also the drink of choice for “woo girls” which is rattling on so many levels. 

It’s almost depressing when you see a girl drinking tequila. It’s like she’s waved the white flag on the night and is saying “I am 27493628% going to black out tonight” Not really a good look

The most typical white girl drink out there. Nothing says getting lit like a box of Franzia with the girls. If you’re choosing to drink wine I think you are either a. Trying to hard to seem mature or b. Haven’t figured out that there are other alcohols besides wine

–Wood and Prent collaboration