(Via Brobible) In the best TV show idea since, America’s Funniest Shots In The Nuts, a TV show version of Varsity Blues is going to happen. You will soon be able to go back to West Canaan, Texas, where football is a way of life and small-town heroes have big-time dreams.

The upcoming show for CMT will be based on the movie Varsity Blues and will be written by W. Peter Iliff, who wrote the original from 1999 film as well as Point Break and Patriot Games. Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures, who distributed the film, is producing the television show.
What a day. I mean honestly, this is the best news I’ve heard all week. If you don’t think that “Varsity Blues” is a top 5 cinematic masterpiece that’s fine, you are completely entitled to being a moron. This movie was the first movie I ever saw that had boobies in it, so naturally it’s near and dear to my heart. I can’t wait to see Mox, Tweeter, Billy Bob and all the fellas on the tube!

P.S. The only disappointing thing about this being on network TV, is that there won’t be any whipped cream bikinis allowed 😩😩😩