Guy is hitting over .300. Has 28 bombs. Has 89 RBI. Has 18 steals. Has 34 doubles. Has 5 triples. Has scored 93 runs. Plays a stellar right field. Do you smell that? That smells like an MVP to me. I’ve heard some baseball know it alls claim the Mookie is still probably behind an overrated Mike Trout and a guy who should be on the yellow brick road to munchkin land Jose Altuve and my question to them is: why? Trout has a .311 batting average (lower than Mookie), 26 doubles (lower than Mookie), 23 home runs (lower than Mookie), and 77 RBI (lower than Mookie). If Mike Trout’s name wasn’t Mike Trout, there is no way that he would be ahead of Mookie in the MVP discussion. Altuve is a little more compelling. The guy is hitting .365 for damn sake. But Mookie’s numbers other than batting average and steals are quite a bit better across the board. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure there is a position player in baseball that I would trade Mookie Betts for. He is obviously a very good player, but he also plays with a swagger that I love. Should Mookie be the MVP? Yes. Yes he should. Should the Sox build him a statue along side Ted Williams and the fellas at Fenway? Yes. Right after they build the Papi statue. Hell, I might vote for Mookie for President at this rate.