I don’t give a fuck if you say you are a Bieber fan or not, him deleting his Instagram could be the biggest news of 2016 so far. Biebs isn’t just the best singer in the world, but also the best looking guy on the world and he slays the most poon in the industry.
His ex girlfriend Selena is really being a fucking bitch here. Justin’s fans or his so called “Beliebers” are also being pussies. Justin has moved onto slaying some of the nicest poon out there,and his whiny bitch 13 year old fans are upset it isn’t them, so they came back with insulting comments on his Instagram about Bieber himself and his new girlfriend. Selena obviously misses Justin’s hammer cock and is still commenting on his instagrams in a desperate ploy for attention
Look, if I’m Bieber I’m doing the same thing. I’m asserting my dominance on social media over the rest of the world. I’m proving to the world that I can delete my social media and ruin your day. He has the biggest balls in the industry and this further proves the point. Do I wish Bieber didn’t delete it? 100%. Do I want Bieber to continue to dominate Hollywood while making bangers? 100%.
But in the meantime I will miss double tapping pics such as these